Don’t you think that a massage would benefit your pet?


We use “TTouch”. Dogs, cats and horses can benefit from the method we use, which has been practised worldwide for more than 30 years now.


Circular motions build up in order to bring the animal to a calmer, more receptive and concentrated state of consciousness. At this stage, the animal’s nervous system can use this new information to change its mental state and thus develop a more appropriate and less stressful attitude with everyday occurrences.


TTouch” helps to improve your animal’s mental, physical and emotional balance.



Some benefits of massage for your pet: 


  • post-injury, illness, convalescence

  • relaxation

  • circulatory problems

  • reduces nervousness, stress, tension

  • increases mobility

  • relaxes the muscles after exercise

  • helps improve concentration and increases involvement during training

  • brings greater body awareness

  • and so much more…